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Creak creak (part 1)


creak creak

Is it you?

The stairs creak,

they tell me to go to sleep.

But they keep me awake

they give me no break.

It becomes now harder and harder

to close my eyes and move forward.

So here and now, not too early, not too late,

I set my sights on Monday in awe.

 Why Monday? Why not Sunday?

I’m on my feet singing on a highway.

Monday is the beginning.

Sunday is the ending.

With nothing in the middle,

With nothing in between,

I kept you warm in the winter,

then I let you frozen in the spring, dear.

I would have loved to play your game if I could –

when you bring me down, messing with my mood.

love, sadness, thoughts


culori tomnatice fugitive taie în două jumătăți perfect proporționate pe orizontală una dintre ferestrele autocarului.

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love, poetry, sadness, thoughts

don’t need a ticket to hell

my thoughts were numb in the glass of whisky

my lips were ready to get the taste of it

however, I have to admit it was the fifth

and the situation was getting way too risky.


all I wanted now was to spill it on the paper

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long-lost Mona Lisa

the ink seems to have broken into pieces around your eyes

it’s one of those days when you try to answer all the “why-s”,

but, darling, it comes a moment when the ink finally dries

and, for sure, you don’t want to look like a corpse of medium size.

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