poetry, sadness, thoughts

accept yourself

many people ask themselves, when they remain alone just with their thoughts about how would it be to meet their opposite version, which it’s against to all the odds

but let’s pretend for a second that it could happen to me of all people on the planet                                                        and i wouldn’t have anywhere to go, to hide under a blanket.

once in a lifetime i could find the painful truth about the person i am in this world
whether it’s just a geek girl with brown hair, merely curled
or a mentally ill teenager searching for something to fight for
after she was rejected by her parents who had shut her last door.

but i ask “God knows who” one silly question
what would i do in that fucked up situation?
to know all about youself is the latest trend in society’s fashion
but probably i would need to refil my reservoir of compassion

sadly i can’t cry at my own grave…




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