love, poetry, sadness, thoughts

white thread

horns with purple roses crowning your head
your hands cutting with determination the story’s threadit’s been a long time since you’ve seen your sister enjoying your hell
a hell you created just by playing with a spell.
because of you, an angel lost himself in the lugubrious dark
but you just grinned at the idea of them being apart
that angel had no reason to fall in love with your other half
it brings you to despair, it makes you shout “enough!”
and it’s a waste of time to let two people be together
you prefer to make them suffer, to be hurt for once rather than never
they did nothing to you, but they have to suffer,
they have to enjoy your hell because love has no more power.





Please tell me in the comment section bellow if you feel that love “bites”, because it really does sometimes…

Like if you resonate with the poem to some extent.

Share your love for poetry with the ones around you ❤




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