just a fantasy

tonight, Iittle shadow, I am all yours

your wicked soul has yet to open its doors



hiding my inner evil which, in its essence, is brave

i am more than ready to be your dark side’s slave.



i’m begging for mercy while I’m kneeling in front of you, master

i’ll let you undress me with white lies that cause disaster

your impervious eyes and your sweat combined with musk perfume

tell me that you are starving for a body to consume.



torturing me, my lord of shadows, for 19 nights in a row

seems like pure escapism when you keep the rythm rough or slow

our toxic love is the one which spices up the plot

and it’s a matter of time ’till we both hit the spot.



it drives me insane, my dark prince, your ruthless way of ruling

over my empire of infinite daydreaming which you find very stupid

due to the painful fact that I always act bashfully

would it really have hurt if it had been just a fantasy?



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